Friday, 4 November 2011

Tips to Divisional Accountants/Divisional Accounts Officers (DA/DAO Orissa India)

Do you think that corruption is inherent in Public Works Divisions?

Well, if your answer is 'no' then you can be declared as an abecedarian or is completely inexperienced to judge the facts or may be your moral ethics has degenerated and that you have become a part of the corrupt system.

Underneath we discuss a few topics which are undeclared malpractices (those can be linked to corruption in one or the other-ways) that we can locate in most of the PWDs and whether these malpractices can have any financial implication is left before your conscience to decide.

Question-01:  Do you know that each and every Government office should maintain a document receipt register, where all the incoming documents are listed with a serial number and its receipt date?

Discussion:   Now realize, have you ever seen that a contractor's bill is forwarded by the Sub-Divisional Officer to the Division office with a forwarding letter and it is ever registered in the document receipt register of the Division. I regret to say that the answer is 'NO'. But why is this escape? The answer to this may be......

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